Vaughn Asselstine

Vaughn Asselstine started her musical journey when she was born into a little house with a big piano. At the tender age of eight she started tickling the ivories, was lovingly forced by her father to learn the iconic campfire instrument - the accordion - and added guitar so she could fully participate in the folk scare of the 60s.  She played piano and accordion with the Alive and Trucking Theater Company during the early 70s and along the way to becoming a college-educated computer geek snuck in some study of jazz and music theory.

Next Vaughn took up rhythm tap dancing, danced with Keane Sense of Rhythm, taught rhythm tap lessons and performed at the Chicago Human Rhythm Project.  Already well on her way to total rhythm domination, Vaughn also studied West African drumming (djembe) under the tutelage of Kenne Thomas.

Putting all her previous experiences together Vaughn started playing bass a few years ago, falling in love with the unique combination of rhythm and melody the bass brings to so many types of music.  Having performed with multiple bluegrass, old time, Cajun and jazz groups around town, today her well-schooled, ever-effervescent self provides the foundation for King Wilkie’s Dream.