Robbi Podrug

Robbi Podrug, vocals and fiddle, moved to the Twin Cities in 2008.  A Milwaukee, WI, native, Robbi spent time in Cincinnati, OH, and Birmingham, AL, soaking up the local musical cultures and playing in various bands (Brew County Rounders, Herb Trotman Band), before landing here.  After only four short years of hanging around, Robbi broke through the stoic, Norwegian façade worn by the locals and joined a local bluegrass band called Hey Lonesome.  As the sun set on Hey Lonesome, Robbi found herself floating in the ethers, where she encountered King Wilkie’s Dream (cue dream-sequence music).

Robbi’s musical history has provided many humorous anecdotes, such as camping in a tornado, the first time she had moonshine, the time country music star Tanya Tucker kissed her hand, the fourth time she had moonshine, the time the Wisconsin bluegrass contingency beat the Illinois bluegrass contingency bowling (chalk full of too many bluegrass stars to mention them all), the first time she had Thai food (in Des Moines, IA, in 1982), and the 11th time she had moonshine.